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[13 Mar 2006|01:18pm]

new journal.
its friends only.
its wicked private. 
so if your mmy friend
add it. 

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[12 Mar 2006|03:01am]
some people make me really really mad.
i dont know even how to explain it.
its like your two faced.
your shady.
it makes me upset.
your wicked fucking shady.
can i even trust you?
i dont know anymore... :/

other people i am just plain sick of.
i cant stand. i get annoyed when i even think of you.

i get sooo fucking mad thinking of these two people.

i am going to go into hiding.
for the next few weeks.. i am just gonna chill in my house.
i am gonan try and stay away from my computer... cuz it justs me more mad.
this really errks me. i dont like it. cuz then i am just in a bad mood, like i have been for th epasty few days.

i am just mad that i am such a good coniderate friend.. and people cant treat me the same way. i just ask for the same respect i give you.. is that to much to ask for. i drop everything for my friends i give my frineds everything i have.. and they cant even respect me and my thoughts. idk. i dont ask for much... just repsect my wishes. dont rub things in my face. dont mention people i dont like.. is that so much to ask for. like really. ahhhh. i am mad.
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[12 Mar 2006|01:21am]
i love rent.
chris hates it. he sucks.

dad is leaving monday mornging.
crazy parties at my house... more like movie night everynight.
few people sleeping over here and there to cuddle. yay.

i love when carolyn is home.
she makes me sane.

i need a break from some people. ahhhhhhhhhhh

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[10 Mar 2006|02:47am]
I am a jealous person.
I am insecure.
but at the same time I love who I am.
I know where I am going in life.
I know who I want in my life,
and who I dont.
I wont settle for anything.
I want to take on the world.
I just want to be completely happy with my life,
and I am getting to that point.
Its a long struggle,
I dont let myself be happy with anything.
I am working hard to over come my inner problems.
I push people away.
I need to stop the eating problems, they arent healthy.
I need to believe in myself more.
I dont give my self half the credit I deserve.
I let people walk all over me. and that needs to stop.
I am amazing at what I do
and I know I will go far in life.
I am only 19 and I am done with school in a month
and I already have an amazing job.
My life is falling into place.
Its wonderful.
I just need love in my life and everything will be perfect.
But I dont want to get in a relationship,
Untill I know I can be happy with my self.
And when the right person comes along.
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[08 Mar 2006|10:52pm]
kimberly took me out to dinner for my birthday! yay. i missed her.

ona side note..
i am sooo fucking annoyed at people right now. like... wicked bad. your really pissing me off.
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[08 Mar 2006|02:53am]
[ mood | crappy ]

I want a relationship.

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[07 Mar 2006|03:36am]
with honor isnt the same.
i am wicked sad. WICKED. sad. i may have shed a tear or 2 at the show. :/
my birthday was lame.
but my friends are amazing for making it the best.
chris lopes randall bmosh jesse tyler and chris ended up going to the show. so it was good.
i got a new hoodie so i am happy.

so me and my dad got in a fight this morning and he didnt wish me a happy birthday and i was pissed.
and i just got home at 330am to come to a card with 50 bucks in it and a cake.
i feel like a wicked shitty daughter.


ps. i start work tomorrow.. well today.
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[05 Mar 2006|09:39pm]
last night went to UNH to see my heathhherrrrr
i love her.
she is 19 now. yay!!!!!
beer pong last night? funnn HAHAHAH.
heather woouldnt cuddle with me and chris last ngiht. i was sad.
chris is a bed hog.
then from UNH i drove to nashua ... like an hour drive. to see black my heart shere khan obw and in remeberance. it was a sick show.. well worth the drive.

its about 2 hours till my birthday. i am excited. WITH HONOR<3333333333333. even tho it wont be the same with out todd. i will live.
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[04 Mar 2006|01:56pm]
so my mom is leavinig tomorrow for 3 weeks and missing my birthday (WHICH IS ON MONDAY!!!) so she just game me my presants...

my mom fucking gave me CONDOMS!!!!!!!!! hahahah what the fuckkk.

but she also gave me van slip ons movie passes and 100 bucks to cb sullivans. yay.

BUT CONDOMS????? who am i?
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[03 Mar 2006|01:27pm]
i am sick in bed.
its amazing.
chris is getting me a fishie for my birthday<333.
so amazing. hes an awesome kid.
randals show is tonight.
i may sleep over nuttys tonight. idk yet.

unh tomorrow!!! celebrateing me and heathers birthdays!!! yay.
chris is coming too.

me and chris spend every single day together.
its awesome.
and yet i dont get sick of him.
which is really werid.
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[02 Mar 2006|09:36pm]
I am the queen of advoidance.(sp?)
I am a bitch when I am sick. But you still love me.
I am gonna being giving the fade away to a few people. so yea. peace!
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[02 Mar 2006|12:55am]
[ mood | crappy ]

i am still wicked sick.
this sucks.
and i am not helping my self out
by not being home in bed.

i need a shower.
i need a nice boy.
i need my mom to leave now.
i need to feel better.
i need sleep.

nutty needs a place to stay friday night..
i need to ask diane if he can sleep here.
we have a spear bed.

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[28 Feb 2006|12:50am]
pulling over on the highway to throw up is not fun.

i do not feel good.
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[27 Feb 2006|01:49am]
[ mood | crappy ]

i sucked at driving tonight.
wicked hard. ha.
ran 3 red lights
drove over an island.
opps. got everyone home safe though.

i have a sick hickey..
... on the said of my face
its awesome... no not at all. gr.
Chris sucks. Literaly. ha.


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[26 Feb 2006|02:06am]
[ mood | awake ]

I am changing. I like it.
and i lost some weight..
meaning i need new pants. yay.
I realized..
I do want a boyfriend.
I want a boy who cares for me
and wants to be with me because of who I am
and not that I am just a convenience.
So i am gonna do something about that.

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[25 Feb 2006|01:44pm]
hello. I am Danielle and I need your attention, so give it to me. yea.

i cant wait to see what happens. :) (carolyn you know what i am tlakign about! hehe)
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[25 Feb 2006|03:42am]
[ mood | crappy ]

my hair is orange red. it is gross.

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[24 Feb 2006|04:19am]
4am. just got home. :/

eh i feel wicked shitty.. as a person. ha.

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[23 Feb 2006|04:49pm]
my hair is at a decent lenght now. 2 more inches... and i will be happy.
i finally offically grew out the shot gun. THANK FUCKING GOD.
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[22 Feb 2006|03:26am]
[ mood | awake ]

my dad bought me 160 dollar pair of clippers.
i am very thankful. they are top of the line.

me and chris walked around stop and shop for a bit.
it was funny.
then went to tylers. watched movie = me fall alseep.

♥ .

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